‘A television guard’: Man United legend destroys Andre Onana

Andre Onana’s debut at Manchester United was the subject of heated debate among the club’s supporters. The Cameroon goalkeeper arrived from Inter Milan this summer for a fee of 52 million euros, replacing David De Gea, who left the club at the end of his contract. However, some fans are already expressing their disagreement with this transfer decision.

In four Premier League games, Onana has conceded seven goals, including three in the match against Arsenal on matchday four. These demonstrations prompted former Manchester United player Paul Parker to express his reservations regarding Onana. In an interview with TribalFootball, Parker admitted that the Cameroon goalkeeper cannot be compared to De Gea and that he prefers the latter.

“I can’t say I don’t like Andre Onana, because I don’t. However, if we could go back in time, I would still be with David De Gea. In my opinion, he is a better goalkeeper.” Paul Parker said.

Parker still recognized Onana’s qualities as a goalkeeper, emphasizing that he had improved his game since his debut. He also highlighted its importance during counter-attacks and situations where Manchester United must deliver long passes to attackers such as Marcus Rashford or Rasmus Hjölund.

However, Parker expressed his wish that Onana would make more spectacular saves and not make easy saves difficult. He also stressed that the pressure of being compared to David De Gea, one of the best goalkeepers in Manchester United’s history, was difficult for the 25-year-old to bear.

“Of course, this does not make Onana a bad goalkeeper. He is a good goalkeeper and has definitely improved his game at the back. He can be valuable in counter-attacks and in situations where Manchester United need to deliver long balls to Marcus Rashford or Rasmus Hjolund.

However, I would like Andre Onana to make more standout saves. Sometimes I feel like he’s a TV guard who makes really easy saves hard. There are only four rounds left and there will definitely be improvement. So we should not look at them as scapegoats.” Paul Parker was added.

“It’s really hard that every mistake of mine provokes comparisons with David de Gea, who was one of the best Manchester United goalkeepers in history. It’s not a good pressure to carry on your shoulders.”The 59-year-old concluded.

It is important to note that these criticisms should not be seen as condemnations of Onana, but rather as constructive comments intended to help him improve. Despite only four matches being played, it is still too early to draw any definite conclusions on his performance. The Cameroon goalkeeper still has time to adapt to Manchester United’s style of play and demonstrate his true potential.

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