A thread and nothing else! Karol G’s pants are broken and they record it on video like this!

Karol G is a permanent change in each of her presentations. She does not like to remain static in the product she offers to her followers, so it becomes more striking and explosive over time. In the video that has an enviable angle, the Colombian woman uses a garment that is not very well understood but has the retagurdia uncovered, which reveals a provocative thread. With this, it surpasses its previous bombs and so it will continue in the remainder of 2020.

Karol is testing her weapons of seduction for the adventure in American territory that she will undertake shortly. She will use the Tusa theme as the means to win over an audience that still doesn’t know much about it.


This year is called to be the one of change for good. Sustained growth has already been surpassed by Medellin, now it is time to compete with the greats worldwide. The good base she has of followers allows him to set increasing goals for conquest. 

Her personality is a characteristic that makes her be seen as one of the most beautiful women in the world, although she admits that she is not.

Karol G makes way for real beauty

Karol G with her fame has managed to be an image of cosmetic brands, she was even part of a campaign called Pretty Different by Urban Decay. In this experience, she told how she really feels: «It was important to show the women and men who bought the brand that everyone has a different prototype and these differences make them beautiful. I always had in my mind the idea that for things of beauty, makeup, they looked for perfection, perfect faces, with perfect features, with clear eyes or exotic faces with impressive hairs ».

In this way, the path is amplified so that the beauty standard is not unique and everyone can have a chance in the aesthetic world.

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