A tiny Louis Vuitton handbag sold for over $63,000 – NetAlKole Media

This bag is small enough that it can pass through the eye of a needle. It was sold for a cool $63,000 during an online auction held last week.

The bag, which is nearly invisible to the naked eye, was designed by MSCHF, an artistic group in Brooklyn based on the design of the neon greenish-yellow Louis Vuitton “OndGo” tote bag, reports CNN. Nicknamed the “microscopic handbag”, the bag is smaller than a grain of sand and measures exactly 657 x 222 x 700 µm (micrometres).

It was made using two-photon polymerization, a technique used to 3D print small pieces of plastic. The product was sold with a digital microscope with LCD display to allow its owner to actually see his work.

In the promotional photos, we can see that the bag, although smaller, quite faithfully reproduces the main brands of the famous Louis Vuitton bag with the famous LV logo as well as the rosette and fleur-de-lis pattern. According to MSCHF’s creative head Kevin Wiesner, interviewed by the New York Times, the collective would not have sought authorization to reproduce the original bag, which sells for between 2,500 and 3,600 euros per unit.

Launched in 2016, MSCHF Collective is known for its creations that point out the ills of the art world. More recently, he has already made a name for himself with his “Big Red Boots”, cartoon-looking red rubber boots worn by artists such as Doja Cat, Iggy Azalea and Janelle Monáe.