A total of 5.5 million reals will be awarded in today’s competition

Mega-Sena, Contest 2623 was drawn this Tuesday (22). However, the prize money will be accumulated in the next edition.

what happened:

A number has been subtracted: 10-15-20-35-37-59.

There were no winners from the above dozens, but Cumulative prize money increased to 5.5 million reais.

5 numbers came out in 17 bets. Each receives 76,049.64 reais.

When is the next draw?

The next Mega Sena Contest will be held on Thursday (24th). The lottery will start at 20:00 (Brasilia time) — From today the lottery will be drawn three times a week.

How can I enter the next Mega-Sena drawing?

You must bet on numbers 6-20 with your Caixa lottery credentials or your bank’s special lottery website. All bets registered by 7pm on draw day will enter the next contest.

How much does it cost to bet on Mega-Sena?

It depends on how many numbers you intend to put in your game. The minimum bet costs 5 reals and you have the right to choose 6 10s from 1 to 60. If you want to put an extra number to increase your chances of success, the price of the game goes up to 35 reals.

What is the highest prize in a regular Mega Sena contest?

  • 2,525, October 1, 2022, two winning bet. Prize pool: 317.8 million reais
  • 2,150, May 11, 2019, 1 winning bet. Prize pool: 289.4 million reais
  • 2,237, February 27, 2020. two winning bet. Prize pool: 211.6 million reais
  • 1,764, November 25, 2015. 1 winning bet. Prize pool: 205.3 million reais
  • 1,772, December 22, 2015. two winning bet. Prize pool: 197.4 million reais
  • 2,463, March 19, 2022. two winning bet. Prize pool: 189.3 million reais
  • 2,562, February 8, 2023. two winning bet. Prize pool: 246km
  • 1655, November 22, 2014. two winning bet. Prize pool: 135.3 million reais
  • 2,548, December 14, 2022. 1 winning bet. Prize pool: 134.8 million reais
  • 2,161, June 19, 2019. 1 winning bet. Prize pool: 124.2 million reais
  • 2,189, September 18, 2019: 1 winning bet. Prize pool: 120 million reais
  • 1,220, October 6, 2010. 1 winning bet. Prize pool: 119.1 million reais

And what are the chances of winning Mega Sena?

This also depends on the amount of the number 10 bet. With the minimum of 6 numbers (R$ 5), the odds of hitting all the balls you draw and winning the top prize are 1 in 50,063,860. Playing an additional 10 (R$ 35) increases the odds. It becomes 1 in 7,151,980. With 15 dozen bets he has a 1 in 10,003 chance of making it all the way and becoming a millionaire to anyone willing to pay out R$25,000 or more.

If you roll 40,000 BRL and play 16 numbers, your chances are 6,252. If you have 17 numbers and an investment of 61,800 reals, your chances are 1 in 4,045. 18 digits pay out over 92,800 reais, with 2,697 chances. 19 products pay out over R$135,000 with a 1 in 1,845 chance of doing so. With 20 numbers, you pay a maximum of 193.8 thousand reais, with 1,292 chances.

How does the prize pool that Caixa sells at the lottery office work?

These sweepstakes are organized by a Caixa accredited lottery company. These are group bets with a minimum price of R$15 for Mega Sena. The mandatory minimum quota per participant is 6 Reals. This method may incur an additional service charge of 35% of the quota. Mega-Sena pools can range from 2 to 100 strains. Each syndicate allows you to place 10 different bets.

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how many times to see
Dozens already remain in Mega Sena

you’re right!

Yes, this combination has already been drawn. Also check to see if dozens have already appeared in Mega Sena.

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This combination was never right

Number must be between 1 and 60 and must not contain repeats

the luckiest less often depicted

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