A tourist bus collided with a tractor in Santo Spiritus, killing at least three people and injuring many others

On Friday afternoon, a tourist bus collided with a rake loaded with oranges on a national highway in Cuba’s Santo Spiritus province, killing at least three people and injuring many others.

Facts reported by independent media cuba timeoccurred at kilometer 349 in the town of Sancti Spiritus in Taguasco.

According to reports, the accident occurred when a passenger bus collided with a rake carrying oranges, which was carrying passengers and completely overturned on the side of the road.

Residents of the area said in comments to the publication At least three people died and several people were injuredbut the specific number has not yet been determined.

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Henry Constantin, a reporter from the above-mentioned media, said, tour bus The front of it was completely crushed and the rake was carrying people.

Images show the rake completely overturned on the fruit by the roadside.

Despite this unfortunate incident, Cubans are surprised by the existence of sweet oranges in Cuba and their destination, as they guarantee that there are 16-year-olds on the island who do not even know about this citrus fruit.

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