a trailer for “Cat’s Eyes” by Adèle Exarchopoulos and Mélanie Laurent

The two actresses are the heroines of Thieves, an action comedy released on Netflix on November 1. An adaptation of a comic book by Vivès, Ruppert and Mulot itself inspired by Cat’s Eyes.

An action comedy in the vein of Impossible mission and of Cat’s Eyes: it is the promise of Thievesnew film by and with Mélanie Laurent, the trailer for which has just been revealed by Netflix this Wednesday.

Inspired by comics The Great Odalisque of Bastien VivèsJérôme Mulot and Florent Ruppert, a contemporary rereading of the manga Cat’s Eyes, Thieves follows a trio of high-flying female burglars.

“Tired of hiding, Carole wants to abandon her life as a professional thief. But freedom has a price: one last, easiest mission with her faithful accomplice Alex and new recruit Sam,” specifies the Netflix synopsis.

“Something unexpected”

Asked last year about the film in the columns of nice morningIsabelle Adjani declared that Thieves would be a “Impossible mission of women” with “a lot of humor”:

“That’s the Mélanie Laurent touch who wants to do something unexpected compared to what we usually see in France.”

Cat’s Eyes is for its part the subject of an official adaptation by TF1. The actresses Constance Labbé (Sylia), Camille Lou (Tamara) and Claire Romain (Alexia) will slip into the shoes of the three sisters. Filming has just started.

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