A transformed Khloe Kardashian ensures that she has had ONLY ONE plastic surgery. Do you believe (PICTURES)

Khloe Kardashian, like her well-known siblings, she made her name in show business thanks to the unexpected popularity of her sister Who is. In 2007, a family reality show was launched, which is slowly coming to an end today. Although a few months ago celebrities sobbed at the end of the program, nobody has any doubts today that the media will not allow them to be forgotten anyway.

After many years on the candlestick, you can safely say that practically each of the sisters has already made their own brand. However, she found a rather unusual way to gain publicity Khloe Kardashian, which has recently appeared in business chronicles mainly due to the constant evolution of the face.


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Now the American public had the opportunity to watch a special episode of the family reality show in which celebrities gathered for summaries. The owner of the most “plastic” face of American show business also decided to say a few words. Khloe announced that she does not understand why people are indignant at the constant changes in her appearance. The celebrity claims that she had … only one plastic surgery.


Everyone just says, “Oh mother, she had a third face transplant!” And I only had one nose surgery. Everyone is disappointed and wondering why I’m not talking about it. Nobody just asked about it. (…) I used fillers, you know, but not botox. I reacted poorly to him – she stated in front of the camera.

After this confession, it got a bit reflective, as Kardashianka announced that the constant taunts about the face did not improve her mood. She accused journalists and bloggers.

When the program was aired, I felt comfortable with myself. Very good. Then, after a few seasons, my self-esteem suffered from what people said about me. I was able to get back on track, but recently I feel bad about myself again. It was the fault of the Perez Hiltons and all those bloggers. My self-esteem was low because of what other people said about me – she confessed.

Moreover, Khloe claims that she felt inferior to the sisters who received free clothes and gifts from sponsors simply because they looked more attractive.


There is nothing to discuss here, these are the facts. It was painfully obvious – ensure.

See how Khloe’s face has changed in just the last few months. Do you believe she actually only corrected her nose …?


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