A “tremendously effective” but “questionable” budgetary measure

reimbursement – The executive seeks to control its health expenditure. His new idea: double the price of medical deductibles to boost Social Security revenues

It’s time to save money. In an attempt to control Social Security spending, the executive is considering doubling the amount of medical deductibles. Since 2008, the year it was introduced, this sum, deducted from health insurance reimbursements for medicines, was 50 euro cents (2 euros for medical transport), within the limit of an annual ceiling of 50 euros. per person.

Why does the government want to increase this deductible to 1 euro? With what consequences? Does the executive have other levers to make more significant savings? For 20 minutesFrédéric Bizard, professor of economics at ESCP and president of the health institute, delivers his analysis of the reform that he considers “very fragile politically”.

Why does the government want to double the amount of medical deductibles?

The goal displayed by the executive: “to save money” to “guarantee the financing of Social Security”, indicated this Friday the Minister of Public Accounts Thomas Cazenave. As France 3 reminds us, the reimbursement of medicines cost Social Security 26 billion euros in 2022, and expenditure is up by more than 7% in the first half of 2023. In haussan(…) Read more over 20 minutes

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