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From Wednesday through the evening of June 30, an extraordinary auction is taking place at the Los Angeles Automobile Museum, featuring iconic accessories and memorabilia from across the Hollywood universe.

This rare occasion includes a fascinating inventory of 1,400 items, including the famous costume worn by Princess Leia as well as many of the most famous lightsabers from the saga. star warsOne of Batman’s iconic vehicles, Harry Potter’s uniform, Jeff Bridges’ iconic sunglasses the big lebowskiOriginal Screenplay by Al Pacino scarfaceAn expensive jacket worn by Kate Winslet TitanicBrad Pitt’s commemorative shield TroyAnd even one of Iron Man’s legendary masks.

However, the centerpiece of this auction remains without any buyer so far. In fact, the seller wanted at least a million dollars for the white dress that the unforgettable Carrie Fisher wore during the final scene. star wars, A dress that was thought to be lost forever, before eight months of painstaking work to restore it. Unfortunately, the bidders’ offers failed to reach the expected amount, stopping at $975,000.

Another particularly prized treasure during this sale is Batman’s famous Batpod dark KnightA state-of-the-art motorcycle, which is estimated to cost between $1 and $2 million.

As far as the annotated scenario is concerned scarface, once owned by star Al Pacino, traded for over $40,000. uniform worn by daniel radcliffe the Chamber of Secretssecond installment of the saga harry potterThe mud and fake bloodstains, despite priceless witnesses to the shooting, were sold for $100,000.

These prices are certainly high, but nothing beats the sale of a 1.35 meter tall doll with the terrifying face of a clown seen in a horror movie. poltergeist In the early 1980s, it fetched a staggering $650,000, well above the estimate for PropStoreAuction, a prestigious British auction house.

This auction of famous memorabilia is undoubtedly an event to remember for all movie fans, both for the rarity of the items on offer and the emotional attachment surrounding them. This is an opportunity for avid collectors to own a part of Hollywood’s rich and fascinating history.

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