A very difficult general knowledge QUIZ. Test your skills!

As a morning it is only with a difficult general knowledge quiz. We have 10 questions for you from several different fields. How will you deal with them?

Your score:

2/10 Who played the role of Konrad in “Dziady” directed by Kazimierz Dejmek?

Janusz Gajos

Jan Englert

Daniel Olbrychski

Gustaw Holoubek

3/10 Before he became the president of TVP, Jacek Kurski held the position of:

assistant to Jarosław Kaczyński

the deputy

Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Culture

deputy minister of the interior and administration

4/10 Gzik is popular especially in Greater Poland:

a kind of potato dumplings with carrots

cottage cheese with chives, radish and cream

pancake with sauerkraut

a dumpling with beef meat similar to Lithuanian dumplings

5/10 FC Barcelona is one of the most successful clubs in Europe. How many times have the Catalans won the Champions League?





6/10 As many as 10 out of 14 eight-thousanders in the world are located in:





7/10 Ridley Scott did not direct the film:

“GI Jane”



“A helicopter on fire”

8/10 Barbara Kurdej-Szatan did not play in the series:

“Na Wspólnej”


“In the rhythm of the heart”

“M like love”

9/10 Beata Kempa has never performed the function of:

Secretary of State at the Ministry of Justice

deputy minister of culture

MEPs of Law and Justice

member of the parliamentary investigative committee to investigate illegal pressure on the form of the Act on Games and Betting

10/10 Kevin Spacey played the role of Frank Underwood in the series for many years:

“New Amsterdam”

House of Cards

“House of Paper”


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