“A very honest portrayal of a woman’s journey with sex”

Emma Corrin is the protagonist of the acclaimed film titled Lady Chatterley’s lover, based on the novel by David Herbert Lawrence. After her marriage to Sir Clifford Chatterley, Connie takes the title of Lady Chatterley and seems destined for a life of wealth and privilege. But this ideal union gradually turns into a prison when Clifford returns from the First World War with wounds that prevent him from walking. Her meeting with Oliver Mellors, the gamekeeper of the Chatterley family estates with whom she falls in love with her, pushes the protagonist into a secret relationship that leads her to a sensual and sexual awakening. But when the relationship becomes the subject of gossip, Connie is faced with a decision that could turn her life upside down: will she follow her heart or will she go back to her husband by accepting what Edwardian society expects of her?

In a recent Netflix Queue interview, Emma Corrin he described so Lady Chatterley’s lover: «This is a very honest portrayal of a woman’s journey with sex. I read the script and it scared and thrilled me. I thought: Wow I don’t know if I could do that. And that was one reason to do it. I’ve never seen female pleasure or female sexuality foregrounded in a film like that.”

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