A Video Of Millie Bobby Brown Eating Carrots Leaves Fans Spiraling: ‘I Can’t Unsee It’

You may know Millie Bobby Brown for eating Eggo waffles as Eleven on Stranger Things. But in a new interview with UNILAD, the actress revealed that she has an even stranger snack obsession. The British media outlet posted a clip of Brown on their TikTok account admitting that she loves eating carrots—especially when they’re not washed.

“The dirtier the better,” she says in the clip. Brown shares that she hates shredded carrots and thinks baby carrots are great, but they don’t stack up to the veggies pulled straight out of the soil.

“When my mom was pregnant with me, she said she ate dirty carrots,” Brown explains as the potential reasoning behind why she likes them so much. But the main appeal, obviously, is the flavor. “They taste earthier,” she says.

The video has racked up over 9.7 million views, with many people commenting on Brown’s strong British accent. TikTok users, however, were surprisingly in favor of Brown’s carrot take. “Unwashed carrots just hit different. There’s nothing that amounts to it,” one user wrote. Another added, “No joke I’ve always liked dirty carrots better. Thought it was weird when I found out people peeling them.”

Leaving the peels on produce can lend a more soil-forward flavor and even add extra health benefits. But health experts advise that you should always wash your fruits and veggies before eating them. Dr. Amy Lee, Head of Nutrition for Nucific, said in an interview with Delish that washing produce is essential to remove pesticides, chemicals, and even wax from the surface.

However, the part of the video that got TikTok users laughed up wasn’t about carrots. It was about condiments. Brown was given an assortment of dips for the unwashed carrots, which prompted the actress to admit that she hates ranch. And the internet was justifiably upset.

“I know she’s a Brit but how can you hate ranch,” one person commented. “Bruh I can’t trust people who don’t like ranch,” another user wrote.

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