A virtual Rafael Nadal takes over Times Square!

A virtual Rafael Nadal takes over Times Square!

Rafael Nadal appears in an innovative 3D ad in New York’s Times Square. This is an advertisement for Infosys, a digital services and consulting company.

Nadal is the global ambassador of Infosys. ,Greetings to everyone. I miss @usopen, #newyork and all of you (big apple, big time). At least I’m here with @infosys on #timessquareNadal wrote on Instagram.

Rafael Nadal on his collaboration with Infosys

In late August Infosys announced that it had partnered with Rafael Nadal.

Here’s what Nadal said about this collaboration: “I am very excited to work closely with Infosys as we strive to not only evolve the tennis experience over time, but also empower members of our communities to participate in the best sports of the future.,

I like how Infosys has brought its digital expertise to the global tennis ecosystem. It changed the tennis experience for a billion fans around the world and gave virtually every player on the tour analytical access they could only dream of a few years ago.

Additionally, the impact Infosys has made beyond the court – creating the next opportunity for people, businesses and communities – inspires me deeply. Infosys quoted Nadal as saying, I believe that creating social good is our common aspiration that gives meaning to our handshake. Infosys CEO and Managing Director Salil Parekh reacted to the new partnership with Nadal.

“It is an honor to welcome Rafa, one of the world’s most respected sports champions and humanitarians, as an Infosys Ambassador. He embodies the spirit of continuous growth, the spirit of never giving up, complete dedication and determination to give the best Are.” Yourself in all situations.

His vision inspires us and reflects our own aspirations to continuously evolve and always remain relevant to our customers,” said Mr. Parekh.

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