A wave of frosts in the USA. The temperature will drop to nearly 43 degrees Celsius below freezing

Part of America, especially the northern regions, has been hit by a wave of frost. In some areas, the perceived temperature has dropped to 42.7 degrees Celsius below zero. The feeling of cold is intensified by the wind. Local authorities and energy companies are warning against frost.

On Monday, 15 million people were warned about high winds and frosts. This affected people from parts of the Great Plains and the Midwest to the Northeast and New England.

Arctic air mass causing the so-called lake effect, resulted in intense heavy snowfall. They stretched 400 km from the shores of Lake Ontario, south of Watertown (New York), all the way to western Massachusetts. Haunts, among others large cities like Buffalo and Syracuse, New York, and Cleveland, Ohio.

As CNBC noted, in places where snow it will rain the most, it may build up to more than 60 cm. Sometimes it will drop at a rate of 7.5 cm per hour. Blizzards with lightning are also expected.

According to forecasts in some areas of the Midwest the temperature will be 42.7 degrees C below zero, and in the Northeast and New England minus 37 degrees C.

According to meteorologists’ estimates, Monday was the coldest day of the week for the High Midwest and the Great Lakes, and Tuesday would be for the Northeast. The temperatures should rise in the following days.

On Tuesday, the temperature in New York dropped to -17 degrees C, and in Boston – to minus 24 degrees C.

In New York, the utilities, Con Edison, have been shipping over the phone in recent years warnings about possible power cuts due to weather conditions, including low temperatures. Some residents are irritated by this.

I know what will happen on the Internet or on TV. They keep turning their heads and telling them to prepare themselves to seek shelter outside the house if necessary. They don’t advise where and I don’t know where I should go, especially at night. Instead of wasting time and energy on communications, they could finally improve their increasingly expensive services, regardless of global fuel prices Elizabeth, from Queens, New York, said irritably.

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