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Recently, a patient told me: “After the pandemic, we seem to be getting older, we have more illnesses, our medications don’t always make us feel better, we are lonelier and certainly sadder.”

There is no doubt that these words are of strong concern and deserve our questioning, as it is clear that disease-focused, fragmented, and highly medicalized approaches have been exhausted and inadequate to address the major issues affecting health, especially for Healthy cravings. Achieve a fulfilling life.

Therefore, there is a need to think differently and beyond to produce models that truly focus on people’s needs, beyond the walls of hospitals, allowing us to realistically realize revolutionary beneficial visions that restore autonomy and empowerment to people and communities, helping even Creating, maintaining and restoring health in the presence of disease.

Because health or healthy living habits are not items that can be taken off a shelf, health is more than just the absence of disease, it is a personal ability that enables us to adapt and self-manage the physical, mental or social challenges we face. The face lasts throughout our lives.

Indeed, today we face a host of challenges, in addition to all the effects of violence, greater epidemics, chronic diseases, cancer, unhealthy ageing, serious problems affecting mental and maternal and child health, malnutrition, loneliness Wait for greater risks. grapple with other social determinants of health; but as if that’s not enough, the planet is sick too, as we are facing the so-called “Anthropocene Era”, a new geological epoch characterized by human impact on the planet, Climate changes are causing severe impacts on natural ecosystems, air, soil and water pollution, food insecurity, and biodiversity loss, which in turn undermine animal and human health interests.

This may seem like a bleak prospect, but we cannot give up, it is necessary to take the lead and contribute to the creation of conscious and consistent societies that understand the responsibility of guaranteeing harmony between human and planetary health, the key to restoring beneficial longevity.

It is not just a reductionist vision of a compulsory and torturous diet whose goal is simply to control weight or lower cholesterol levels, but rather a way to motivate people to make decisions based on knowledge and understanding. food to ensure health and well-being, because when we become more aware of our habits, we can drive real and lasting behavioral change. There is ample scientific evidence that diets based on animal protein, foods rich in salt, free sugars, and saturated fat are associated with an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and other conditions that may increase the risk of premature death. We must move toward balance by increasing the variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and plant proteins.

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