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Shops in Japan are taking various steps to stop scalpers before buying a PlayStation 5 for resale at a higher price. The latest idea is to label cartons.

Last month, the Nojima Denki chain introduced a policy whereby the name of the buyer is written on a cardboard box and – what is more – the packaging with the controller is destroyed by a commission, and the player gets the same pad.

Now, another network – GEO – introduces similar restrictions and explains to consumers that it intends to mark the inside of the box with each PlayStation 5, the PSU website informs.

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It remains an open question whether prospective buyers of such equipment from scalpers the fact that a name is written on the cardboard will be disturbing – the most important thing is the console.

PlayStation 5 remains an exceptionally scarce commodity in Japan. So much so that the equipment is most often sold as part of special lotteries. Now happy ?? winners ?? are informed by GEO that their packaging will be opened and marked.

Other measures have been tried in the past: prohibit selling to suspects. scalperom, random consoles access schedules in stores or even offering products only to holders of special credit cards.

When in February this year, one of the stores was going to distribute hundreds of devices in the classic “first come, first served” formula, the police had to be called to the site because the willing ones beat up the service and turned over the cash registers.

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