“A week ago”: Astrid Denois (large family) rocks the web with an adorable video of her baby

Astrid Denois and her husband Arthur welcomed their sixth child on July 29, 2023. A little Leopold who brings joy to this large family. This Saturday, August 5, on Instagram, the young mom shared an adorable video of her youngest, barely a week old baby. Internet users swoon over the baby…

pink notebook Large Families: Life in XXL Expanded further. Afterwards Emily Fanich who raised siblings After giving birth to her ninth child last March, it was Astrid Denois’ turn to make the announcement a happy event, On 29 July 2023, Arthur’s wife gave birth to number 6. a little boy named leopold, especially awaited by the entire tribe. In the process, the mother of the family shared her new happiness on social networks: “Welcome to our family, my Leopold. Since yesterday I have not been able to stop admiring you. At last I found this little face I was so curious to know. I get intoxicated by your smell, your skin, your sweetness. How lucky are we to have you in our lives. Thank you for choosing us“, she announced on her Instagram account under an adorable photo of the infant.

A few days after giving birth, the mother of Brune, Melchior, Octave and the twins Alma and Paola broke the news to her. an opportunity to create some mystery his return home Earlier reveal room Carefully garnished with a slice of cabbage. And the latter did not fail to show invention and creativity in furnishing this boldly furnished room, most of whose furniture “recycled“. Nothing is lost, everything turns into one big family!

“We Can’t Live Without You Anymore”

If Astrid Denois has any experience of motherhood, she never tires of these precious moments. totally crazy for your little boy, she intends to immortalize her child’s first time. Each event is an excuse to celebrate this gift from heaven. And this Saturday, August 5, the mother of the family did not forget to share first week of her youngest, To mark the occasion, the latter shared a cute video Where we can see the baby yawning and getting restless on the bed before taking a nap on the matrimonial bed. a particularly poignant sequence who yearns for peace. ,Already a week ago. we can’t live without you anymoreshe captioned.

Internet users under the child’s spell didn’t miss the flood of posts sweet comments ,Soul I melt, it seems,what love!,It’s beautiful, make the most of it,to bite this little leopold“. Some have already noted resemblance to her sisters ,I think he looks a lot like his sisters.From the height of his 7 days, this little prince has conquered the web!

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