A week in video: California giant waves, missing man found for 20 years and Derek Rosa interrogation video

This week, just days before the start of 2024, residents along the California coast were warned of a series of huge waves that put residents at risk. One of them dragged a group of people to observe the size of the waves.

In addition, a few hours after the beginning of the new year, a strong earthquake with a magnitude of 7.6 occurred in central Japan, causing nearly 100 deaths and dozens of injuries so far. On the other side of the world, in Mexico, social networks helped find a man who had been missing for 20 years.

These are videos of this week’s events:

1.- Huge waves swept away several people in California and caused flooding

Millions of people along California’s coast were under warnings of huge waves, rain and strong winds over the weekend. Authorities are asking people to avoid beaches and coasts over the New Year weekend.

In this video, you can see the exact moment Ventura’s olsa drags the crowd:

Huge wave kills several people and causes flooding in California

2.- Images and testimonies after the 7.6-magnitude earthquake in Japan

Monday’s earthquake also forced Tsunami warnings activated for much of the archipelago’s coast For almost the entire day, despite recorded sea level rise, fortunately no major damage was caused.

Here are testimonies from people who have experienced strong earthquakes:

Images and testimonies after the 7.6-magnitude earthquake in Japan

3.- They found in Mexico a man who disappeared in the United States 20 years ago

A publication on social networks identified Mario Becerril López, who was found homeless near a Walmart parking lot in Hermosillo, Sonora .

The man has reportedly been missing for 20 years and his family is searching for him in the United States. Sonora Searching for Mothers reported the discovery on Dec. 28 after seeking help for the person through social networks.

Watch the details of the touching story in the video:

Man who disappeared in US 20 years ago found in Mexico

4.- They released the video of the first interrogation of Derek Rosa: the young man confessed that he murdered his mother

The young man agreed to give voluntary testimony without a lawyer present. The tentative date for the next trial is February 23, 2024.

Here is a clip from the interrogation of Derek Rosa:

They release video of Derek Rosa’s first interrogation: young man admits he murdered his mother

5.- Immigrant families receive free furnished apartment for three months

Local business owners decided to use their vacant apartments to support immigrants relocating to Denver, Colorado and running out of space in shelters.

Watch the full video here:

Immigrant families get three months free furnished apartment

6.- The baby is born as if he were one year old

The newborn had to be taken to a hospital intensive care unit and the mother remains confined to a Chilean medical center due to complications during delivery.

Newborn baby looks like one year old

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