A year with PlayStation 5. Was it worth buying the console for the premiere?

I was able to buy a PlayStation 5 console for the premiere – and it was not that easy. When a courier brought it over, I didn’t have very high expectations of how it would be presented live. I knew before that the design did not suit me and it is closer to Alienware laptops, which try to stand out from the competition, than to the entertainment center it is supposed to be. Personally, I’m not a fan of this look – neither these computers nor the new Sony console. I like the DualSense controller much better, it is ergonomic and I hold it very well in my hands. The console itself will in no way match the decor of my living room. Already on the first day, she hit the TV and is still standing there – I think she has settled there well and does not interfere with anything.

I use PlayStation 5 almost every day – mainly for gaming, but I also like to use it as a multimedia center, which, while not offering much, meets my expectations. Which VODs do I use? Are. Just like a Blu-ray Disc player, it works as it should. The console is silent, I have not had any major crashes (except for a few cases of freezing games). It did not make me feel that this is a new generation. I have the impression that at the moment it could be a more powerful variant of the PlayStation 4 Pro with an SSD disk. And all because of the games.

PlayStation 5 after a year. Games, games, games

Equipment is one thing, but the most important thing is games. From the perspective of the passing year, I must honestly say that I had something to play, although I did not like everything. I also missed the announced WOW effect. Perhaps it is also a matter that a lot of PS5 games are also available on PS4 and until Sony itself does not cut off the old generation, I will still miss this effect. I’m not just thinking of “exes” on PlayStation – other studios are doing the same.

And yes, I beat Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales and Astro’s Playroom on day one. The latter title appealed to me in particular because it fully showed the capabilities of the new DualSense controller. Spider-Man was nice, but he didn’t press into the chair anymore.

Surprisingly, I had a great time in Deathloop, which put me off at first. I paused with the transition of Ghost of Tsushima to PS4, feeling that the game will also appear on PS5. Ghost Of Tsushima Director’s Cut bored me with its repetitiveness and repetitiveness and in no way encouraged me to visit the new island of Iki. I also couldn’t get over and delve into the world of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. Returnal made the biggest impression on me. Difficult, addictive, and constantly kept you in mind (not least because the game was resetting progress when you turned it off). The game moved really well and presented impeccably.

We also have Demon’s Souls, from which I quickly bounced (although I’m already waiting for the Elden Ring with flushed faces). The Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade add-on, in which we follow the Remake events from Yuffie’s perspective, was just an add-on and in retrospect – disappointing. But the PS5 doesn’t disappoint in one aspect – it’s great for playing PlayStation 4 titles. One game in particular.

PlayStation 5 after a year. This is a great way to play games from your PS4

Recently, PS5 serves me primarily as a console to play Final Fantasy XIV. And it is with this game that I spend the most time in front of the TV. Square Enix did not have an easy task of adapting its hit MMORPG production to the next generation, and there was still a long way to go to the studio. Earlier in Final Fantasy XIV, I played on PlayStation 4 and it was not a nice experience. Long loading times, falling frames and what irritated me the most – the console that started the jet engines. On PS5, transitions between locations take up to a few seconds. And while I miss high-res textures (especially in character models), the gap between what the PS4 offered me and what I have on the PS5 right now is so big that I hope I’ll never have to go back to the old generation.

PlayStation 5 still difficult to buy after a year

PlayStation 5 consoles are still hard to come by – at least at a price that won’t make you feel terrible spending an extra few hundred zlotys on unnecessary add-ons or games. And these normally cost a lot less. Because sets from FIFA 22, Cyberpunk 2044, Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales were often priced at over PLN 3,000. Extra pad? It will always be useful. HD Camera? Redundant gadget that I suspect 3/4 of the players will not even use. There are also poor quality headphones (and no, I don’t mean the official ones) and a charging station for controllers. The stores are squeezing everything and pushing prices upwards. Only the latter gadget seems the most sensible.

This is because DualSense, again like the DualShock 4, discharges very quickly. Packed with new technologies, including better vibrations and adaptive triggers, you need to recharge frequently. The station, although it requires connection to a socket, will work perfectly here. Especially if you have two pads at home – you will be able to easily replace them between sessions.

Getting closer to the holidays. Will PlayStation 5 go to Christmas trees?

And we have Christmas ahead of us. If you believe the reports of foreign media, Sony is doing its best to deliver consoles to the shelves of European and American stores. However, I do not suspect that they would decide to sell only consoles. Forceful pressing of sets, often consisting of unnecessary accessories, is an excellent move for them. Despite the exorbitant prices, far exceeding those for which PlayStation 5 should be bought, there will be people willing to buy. The more that the console will be the perfect Christmas gift – and not only for the youngest.

My friends also ask me if there is any chance for any discounts on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. To tell the truth – I doubt it. PlayStation 5 is so popular that stores may not be profitable to sell them at prices much lower than recommended. It is also unknown whether there will be an additional shipment of the consoles themselves so that they can be bought next week. You have to be patient and look for it in your favorite stores.

The situation is not easy. Interest in PlayStation 5 has not decreased, but factories have problems with production. The pandemic has done its job. Delays in deliveries, limited access to components and an energy crisis only made things more difficult. However, it cannot be denied that Sony is trying to live up to expectations. However, I suspect that the situation will not change in the coming months and it will be difficult to buy a console at a reasonable price. Grzegorz Marczak’s comment should be a good summary of the problems with the availability of consoles – “I can’t buy a PS5 since the premiere, it’s great”.

PlayStation 5 celebrates its first birthday. Editors’ opinions one year after the premiere

And how do my editorial colleagues look on PlayStation 5 after a year? I asked them for a short comment.

Kamil Świtalski:

I was able to buy a PlayStation 5 as a reasonable offer only in spring – and for me it is primarily equipment for playing exclusive titles and catching up with the previous (yes, the previous, not the previous ones, because Sony did not think about it) generation. I love this toy for its working culture: it is noiseless, fast and hassle-free. The design itself still seems disgusting to me, and the pad that needs to be charged every few – not a dozen or several dozen – hours for a gloomy joke. The worst menu interface in Sony’s history does not improve the situation either.

I believe that in a few years I will have a solid package of games to play there, but for now, however, I look with concern at the coming months, where Sony’s in-house studios create games for both generations of consoles. This is great news for those who still haven’t managed to buy a PS5 – because it’s not an easy task if you don’t want to overpay. But Ratchet and Clank showed how a game created exclusively for new equipment can look and move – and this is what I expect from it. However, I am afraid that the upcoming hits may be more like improved (faster, better-functioning, a bit entertained) versions of the previous generation games, and not the PlayStation 5 productions possible.

Kacper Cembrowski:

Who would have thought it had been a year already. For me, however, about half the time – two canceled pre-orders and a long time no purchase. In the end, however, it worked. It wasn’t cheap, it wasn’t easy, but was it worth it? Definitely yes.
PlayStation 5 meets all my expectations. Futuristic design (which many – including colleagues from the editorial office – do not like, but for me it is really special) and an SSD drive that greatly improves the comfort and speed of work. However, this is only appreciated when the eighth generation equipment is vacuumed.

For this very nice software and, above all, my main love – DualSense. Adaptive triggers and haptic vibrations are not only a nice-sounding advertising slogan, but really phenomenal possibilities that you can feel. I have never had a better controller in my hands. Minuses? The capacity of the mentioned SSD – 825 GB, however, is not enough and so far I cannot fully understand Sony’s decision.

As for the games themselves, because because of them we decide to buy a console. Previous PS5 exclusive titles include Returnal, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Astro’s Playroom, Demon’s Souls, as well as an extensive remake of Final Fantasy VII and Destruction AllStars. And although it is not a particularly long list, it is very qualitative – I think that Astro’s Playroom, which has been installed from the very beginning, made the biggest impression on me. Team Asobi did a great job on this production, which perfectly shows all the possibilities of the latest Sony work, and at the same time is simply a nice game. Looking at the current actions of PlayStation Studios – we have something to wait for. PlayStation 5 is a wonderful equipment that I can recommend with a clear conscience.

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