A YouTuber Really Recreated Attack On Titan IRL 3D Gear And It’s Just Stunning Lemberger Zeitung

Whether through its manga or its anime adaptation, the shōnen The attack of the Titans is a real international success. The work straight out of the imagination of Hajime Isayama is a hit with fans around the world and many of them have a real passion, if not a cult, for the adventures of Eren Jäger and of his associates of the exploration battalion

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Inevitably, a pelo had to try to reproduce the famous three-dimensional equipment of the manga, used to move quickly and fight the terrible enemies as well as possible, in real life. And the worst part is that he succeeded! This is the American YouTuber Jake Laser, who has 3.74 million subscribers on his channel. The latter is used to this type of challenge since he has made it his specialty, realizing in real life all the technological fantasies inspired by works of fiction – within the limits of the possible, all the same.

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Perfectly usable three-dimensional equipment!

Thus, he got down to creating real three-dimensional maneuvering equipment. For this he had to make a whole system of grapple launchers, inspired by one of his previous experiences (when he had created a spider web launcher like Spider-Man). This mechanism works thanks to a powerful supply of CO2. The hooks are themselves connected to a flexible Kevlar cable, wrapped around a winch, like the real members of the manga exploration battalion. And as he does not do things by halves, the American content creator has also reproduced identically the iconic swords used in The attack of the Titanswith their characteristic ejection blades and scabbards, as shown in the video available below.

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