A14, attempted assault on security carriers: the Canosa motorway section closed

Attempted assault on security carriers in the A14, on the Cerignola-Canosa, in the Bat territory. It happened this morning, around 7.30, when some vehicles were positioned across the road and set on fire. The assault seems to have failed, however: at the moment it is not clear which institution was the target of the robbers.

No injuries were recorded.

On site, together with the police, also the firefighters of Barletta and Foggia to extinguish the flames and secure the motorway section which, at the moment, is closed in both directions. In detail, Autostrade per l’Italia specifies, “this is the section between the junction with the A16 Napoli-Canosa and Canosa in both directions, due to an attempted robbery at the height of km 609.8” .

“For the same cause, the section between West Cerignola and the junction with the A14 Bologna-Taranto towards Canosa was closed on the A16 Naples-Canosa. To cover the escape, the robbers set fire to a vehicle on the north carriageway on the A14. and one in the south carriageway “.

Currently on the A16 Napoli-Canosa there is 1 km of queue in the stretch between West Cerignola and the junction with the A14 Bologna-Taranto towards Canosa. Those traveling from Pescara to Bari on the A14 can exit at Cerignola Ovest on the A16, take the SS16 Adriatica and the SP231 Andriese-Coratina, and return to the A14 in Canosa.

Those traveling to Pescara from Bari must exit at Canosa, take the SP231 Andriese-Coratina and the SS16 Adriatica and return to the A14 at Cerignola est. Those who are heading from the A16 towards the A14 must exit at Cerignola Ovest, take the ordinary road network and return to the A14 in Canosa. Reverse route for journeys from Bari towards the A16.

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