Aaron Rodgers with the Jets It was brief…

One series, four games, 94 seconds. Ladies and gentlemen, that is a summary of Aaron Rodgers’ brief tenure with the New York Jets this season.

Who knows, maybe it even sums up his career under that iconic green helmet, and the future will tell us, even though Rodgers said Friday he plans to play football again, without saying when.

Meanwhile, the Jets paid Rodgers US$75 million for two seasons, which works out to US$37.5 million per season, which works out to about US$9.3 million for every ball handed to the famous quarterback in 2023.

We can assume the Jets’ owner is furious, whose feeling of being snubbed can only be compared to that of Guns N’ Roses fans at Olympic Stadium in 1992.

Your grandparents will tell you, if they haven’t already: You should hardly rejoice at the misfortune of others. But in this case, still, it’s a misfortune that happens to a big fan of conspiracy theories, who is also proud of seeing flying saucers, and then it happens to the most useless organization in the history of football. , except for the Ottawa Rough Riders, who have already drafted a deceased player.

So all this is to say that the New York Jets’ big return to the respectable world expected since 1969 will have to wait a little longer. What do you say? The Jets still beat the Buffalo Bills on Monday night without Rodgers? Bravo, that’s 1 win in 17 matches.

We see two other problems between now and January: The Jets still have to play 16 games, and even more, they have to play with Zach Wilson at quarterback.

good luck with that.


Do you know who immediately raised their hand on Tuesday morning after Rodgers announced the end of his season? Colin Kaepernick, who told the Jets he’s available if they feel like it. Well, Kaepernick has been available for seven years, but the phone doesn’t ring very often, let’s face it. But we should admire the former 49ers’ resiliency, which is reminiscent of a character from Greek mythology, a man named Sisyphus, who spent all his time rolling his rock to the top of a hill. If so, he may still be there.

Photo Eliza News, Reuters Archive

Colin Kaepernick

Of course, the entire world was holding its breath in anticipation of seeing Tom Brady arrive as a savior in New Jersey, but everyone forgot one very simple question: But why would Tom Brady want to play for the Jets?



Of course, the second thing is that you should not be afraid of the results of the first week. The Steelers aren’t that bad, the Bills aren’t that bad, the Browns aren’t that good, etc. Do you know who has ever won the Super Bowl after one week of play? Person

Which does not mean that we should ignore everything.

In the National Conference, it promises to be a ruthless battle between two old rivals, the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers.

We insist: It’s just a match. But here, we have two teams that have landed overseas in the Giants and Steelers, in two stadiums that often don’t have a lot of welcome, and we have two teams that have tried out local players. There are no other words: rinse.

Photo Vincent Carchietta, USA TODAY Sports Archives

The Dallas Cowboys defeated the New York Giants 40–0 in their first game of the season last Sunday.

Of course, injuries can ruin seasons and plans, but if the Cowboys and Niners don’t suffer any losses at key positions, they could already be booked into the conference finals. Our heartfelt apologies to Eagles fans who will once again have to live in denial, with the guilt of winning a Super Bowl thanks to a quarterback who played four good weeks of football in his life.

In the American conference, let’s face it, it’s much more complicated.

The Chiefs will get back to winning ways if their receivers finally learn to catch passes (the potential return of Travis Kelce for Sunday’s game in Jacksonville would do the world good if that happens), then a good performance against the Bills and Josh Allen. Will do to the Raiders on Sunday, like the Bengals and their star quarterback, Joe Burrow, who has 275 million reasons to be even better than he was against the Ravens, in front of his own guys. And finally, are the Jaguars serious? We’ll see, they host the Chiefs…

It’s going to be another great weekend.

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