Aaron Taylor-Johnson, the hottest man in Hollywood

Believe it or not, the only thing to do when it comes to Aaron Taylor-Johnson is raise the white flag. It is useless to try to dig into his past, between one line and another of an interview given to who knows which newspaper, in the vast ocean of rumors which, sooner or later, like a tsunami, ends up investing anyone in the circle of the famous: the reality fact is that the next James Bond seems to be the most boring man in Hollywood. Not that I expected who knows what (not everyone gets maids pregnant like Schwarzenegger), but come on, not even some Zac Efron-esque laxative addiction, or an unthinkable passion for the world of gaming to Henry Cavill; hess, a harmless Quentin Tarantino-esque fetish. Nein, nothing at all. At 32, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is definitely the rare pearl in a reality made up as much of film sets as of betrayals, drugs, scandals in general (for it is clear: more or less scabrous or funny stories always crop up). To the point that the chatter that broke out in 2009 when he, then eighteen, became engaged to his current wife Sam Taylor-Johnson (director, among other things, of Fifty Shades of Gray), twenty-three years older, today is such an outdated issue that it makes even the most irreducible bigots yawn.

But let’s not be cruel: more than boring, Aaron Perry Johnson is just a romantic type. An ordinary English boy born and raised in the small town of High Wycombe, North East London, the son of a civil engineer and a housewife and younger brother of only one sister. A promising young actor who at the age of 6 began studying singing, dancing and acting at the Jackie Palmer Stage School, and who in 2002 saw his career start both on the big screen, with the film Tom & Thomas – One Destinyboth on television, with St. John – The Apocalypse. Until the games get more interesting, and the shared set with Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan arrives in 2 knights in London (2003); with Edward Norton in The Illusionist – The illusionist (2006); with Nicolas Cage in Kick-Ass (2007), but this time playing the lead hero of Mark Millar’s film and comic. The following year it’s comedy’s turn My life is a disaster (2008), while the professional and sentimental turning point came in 2009 when, with Nowhere BoyAaron gets the part of young John Lennon (central figure of the film), but also the heart of director Sam Taylor-Wood, with whom he has his first daughter (Wylda Rae) only a few months later.

The marriage and the birth of the second daughter (Romy Hero) are still fresh, when in 2012 that Johnson now also Taylor is directed by Oliver Stone in The beastsas well as by Joe Wright in Anna Karenina, where he plays the legendary Count Vronsky, who brings to life the amorous passion of Anna Karenina (Keira Knightley), the adulterous wife of Alexei Karenin (Jude Law). With Kick Ass 2 (2013), on the other hand, the clothes are again those of Dave Lizewski, while he plays the role of Lieutenant Brody in Godzilla (2014) and that of the superhero Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015). 2016 Golden Globe Winner for Supporting Actor and BAFTA nominee in the same category for his portrayal of the sadistic Ray Marcus in Nocturnal animals (the film directed and produced by Tom Ford), a year after Aaron stars in The Wall (directed by Doug Liman), and part of the cast of keeper (2021) by Christopher Nolan, as well as, this year, by that of Bullet trainin which he enjoys playing Brad Pitt’s cool-comic sidekick (largely keeping up with him).

Until today, with the recent rumors of the Daily Mail on an (almost) certain engagement for the coveted role of agent with a license to kill. None other than “Bond, James Bond”, also known by the code name of 007, and ultimately interpreted by that Daniel Craig who fully falls not only in the list of the most loved Bonds but (surprise!) also in the most boring category of Hollywood (again in terms of gossip, of course). And at this point you see what being types low profile, of those who at most make the tabloids talk about a very trivial divorce (see the Craig case) or an engagement at a young age to an older woman (like Taylor-Johnson), underneath it all ends up paying. With the producer of Bond, Barbara Broccoli, nonetheless.

Whether a file is open on the matter, or that some degree thesis is embroidered on it: being a famous actor but with an extraordinarily boring private life has today become the prerogative of the true winner. Even more so if behind the aforementioned boring without ifs or buts someone less cruel (or perhaps less prone to gossip) sees only an incurable romantic like Aaron Taylor-Johnson. The proud family man who, in an interview withindependent, in 2018 he says something like: “The reason I wake up in the morning is to be with my family” and “Since I met Sam, she and my children are my priority and my life: my work revolves around They”. The other half of that all Hollywood and very much in love couple who in 2019 are constantly kissing, while she tells Harper’s Bazaar that “in the ten years that we’ve been together, we’ve only been apart for maybe two or three days”, and he follows her: “those were the worst days of these ten years”, complete with a mutual ending “I love you“. An ordinary husband who, in a post on Instagram, declares to his ordinary wife how much she still is of her, her love, her life, her soul mate, her world, while kissing her (of course) on the day of the renewal of their marriage vows.

And boring or reserved, romantic or cloying, Bond or not Bond, I think in the end we’ll all agree on at least one thing: taking a tour of Hollywood with Aaron Taylor-Johnson, our blood sugar was never so high. to the stars.

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