Abandoned cars were auctioned off. The most expensive was the Mercedes S-Class

The authorities of Krakow can certainly consider this week a successful one. On Tuesday, January 11 this year. The Road Authority of the City of Krakow published the results of the tender for the sale of vehicles that were lost to the Municipality of Krakow, i.e. those that had been towed to the municipal parking lot and their owners did not come forward within six months. 44 cars were put up for sale and only three of them were not sold. As a result, some abandoned cars disappeared from city streets, and the city itself gained several dozen thousand. zloty.

The highest amount obtained was PLN 30,000. PLN 600 – that is how much the Mercedes S-Class was sold, the starting price of which was 17 thousand. PLN 850 and 19 buyers were interested. Much less, but still a lot, compared to the other vehicles auctioned, was obtained for Volvo, which at the asking price of PLN 3,525 was sold for 11,500 PLN. zloty.

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The Ford Mondeo (also 19 offers) aroused an equally huge interest as the aforementioned Mercedes. Thanks to this, although the car was listed for PLN 2,850, it was possible to obtain over PLN 7,000. zloty. Moreover, bidders noticed the Audi Coupe (18 offers, starting price: PLN 2,775, sold for PLN 6,528), Honda Civic (17 offers, starting price: PLN 3,075, sold for PLN 6,100) and Mercedes SLK (15 offers, starting price: PLN 2,400, sold for PLN 4,655).

Only three cars did not find interest among buyers, which was confirmed by the lack of offers. These were the Honda Civic (starting price: PLN 1,950, Skoda Octavia (starting price: PLN 2,625) and Skoda Felicia (starting price: PLN 1,500). These vehicles will be put up at the next auction.

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