“Abandoned without food and ammunition”

Abandoned in a train station, with few weapons, without food and without being assigned to an operational unit. The video showing about 500 Russian soldiers protesting from the Belgorod railway junction for the “bestial” conditions in which they have been forced to live since the mobilization initiated by Vladimir Putin began. The military, as reported by The Insider website, decided to rebel after spending a week without any material support. People in the film complain that they have received obsolete weapons, but not been assigned to a unit, and that they live for a week in “bestial conditions”, buying food and ammunition. In addition, many of the soldiers are reported to be sick and feverish.

At the moment it is unclear who the author of the video is, but a reporter for Radio Liberty, Mark Krutov noted that one of the men in the video wears the symbols of the mercenary company Wagner and another of the gods would be a Muscovite Sergei Surkov, who had already recorded a video about the troubles in the army a week ago. Also according to The Insider, the 500 soldiers in the video would be without any training: the wives were forced to spend large sums of money to equip their husbands called to the border with Ukraine.

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Belgorod’s protest, also circulated on Russian social networks, does nothing but highlight the difficulties experienced by the Russian armed forces and highlighted yesterday, during the online broadcast Solovyov Live, also by Colonel General Andrey Kartapolov, president of the commission for the defense of Russian State Duma, Deputy Minister of Defense from 2018 to 2021, head of the main politico-military direction of the army: “We must stop lying about the situation at the front. Now the enemy is on our land. All border villages in the region of Belgorod are practically destroyed. We learn that from everyone, from governors and military correspondents. But Defense Ministry reports don’t change. People know that. Our people are not stupid. And you see they don’t want to tell you even a part of the truth. . This can lead to a loss of credibility. “

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