Abarth 500 electric: the spy photo

The first image of theAbarth 500 electric (above), the sporty version of the Fiat Nuova 500, which effectively marks the entry of the Abarth brand into the world of electric mobility. Looking at the photo it can be seen that this is not a camouflaged prototype but a series version, whose presentation should take place between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023.

From a stylistic point of view, the differences in theAbarth 500 electric compared to its sister branded Fiat, especially in the lower part of the bumper, which has a new central air intake and two side ones, with an unprecedented texture. They do not change the shape of the hood and headlights. Other novelties are the Abarth lettering, which offers a new style (we saw it on the Pulse for Brazil, here to know more).

The technical specifications of theAbarth 500 electrichowever, it is easy to imagine more peak power and higher torque, which should result in a better 0-100 sprint. Performance increases that could be driven by software optimization rather than a next-generation powertrain. Being an Abarth they should not be missing suspensions ad hoc for this model e brakes increased.

The emotional component has not been neglected either. In this case, the Abarth brand has summoned the “abartists”, who will have to choose the sound which will issue the car through a social media survey (here to know more).

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