Abarth Nuova 500: the definitive front end of the electric is online. It will debut in 2023

In recent days, an image of the Abarth 500e, the small electric that inaugurates the brand’s zero-emission era, has made its appearance online. This is not a classic spy photo with a prototype disguised as the protagonist, but a shot of an open car in a definitive guise: the sports car appears consistent with the rumors collected over the last few months and above all ready for an imminent debut: according to rumors, the unveiling will probably take place between the end of 2022 and the first quarter of 2023. The marketing, on the other hand, would be expected between June and July of next year.

Scorpio and written complete together on the front. The historic passage of the Scorpio to electric propulsion represents the logical consequence of the success of the Nuova 500 BEV and its direct filiation in a sporting key: on an aesthetic level, for the moment, we are able to see only the front, but already in this area the changes to the design are significant: the classic shield of the House has been repositioned on the bonnet, while instead of the word “500” we find the new Abarth lettering, recently brought to its South American debut by Pulse Brazilian. The headlights have remained unchanged, but the bumper has also been redesigned thanks to the addition of lower air intakes with a silver insert and what look like side air curtains. The central air intake is made from a panel with a geometric pattern which then extends, in a totally closed version, also on the sides.

The sound is decided by the fans. It is easy to imagine that the Abarth will offer something more in terms of power, torque and performance compared to the Fiat model, together with a revisitation of the set-up and braking system. Meanwhile, the community of enthusiasts has already been gathered on social networks to choose the digital sound and other elements that will serve to define its essential strong sporting personality.

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