Abd Al Malik and Marguerite Thiam

Abd Al Malik

Book : Juliet

“Her masterpiece will be essentially mystical since Juliette Gréco perceives everything from the angle of love and freedom. And, far from all the psychoanalytic glosses and simple affective self-projections, her fascinating brilliance as a woman – who is more than a woman (and therefore a man) -, bangs and long black hair on her shoulders, all dressed in black, is only one of the infinite manifestations of the divine or, in other words, one of the teeming receptacles of the absolute. »

In this flamboyant tribute to the muse of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, spirit and spirituality cross swords through a poetic and literary meditation.

Marguerite Thiam

Single : Nothing is serious anymore

It’s a story that for a long time belonged only to her. A story of nights and parties, of love and cracks. A story that made Marguerite Thiam grow up very quickly. A story that had to be put to music to say goodbye.
Very early on, Marguerite Thiam did things like the grown-ups. At the age where we browse streaming sites, his playlists bring together Charles Aznavour, Justin Bieber, Alex Beaupain and SCH. Titles where every word counts, or nothing is incidental. While his adolescence unfolds in accelerated mode, every evening.

In those years, his nights were as long as his days, and the party came to the house so often that the contours of the two blurred. It was by putting an end to it that she wrote her first piece with her musician brother, Aliou: a song like a farewell, a necessary end point before turning the page. And to open a new one: Marguerite, who is also an actress, discovers with music the way to make her voice heard instead of lending it to others. Other songs were born thanks to confinement. The meeting with twinsmatic, a composer heard in particular by Damso, Christine & The Queens or Booba, gave them momentum.

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With Aliou, Marguerite imagines her pieces as the soundtrack of this adolescence which is not so distant, but so intense that it constitutes an existence in itself. Dark and sinuous, “Comme les grands” slips into the ears and under the skin for a long time. The title sums up these moments spent walking on a wire, so tenuous that one cannot be burdened with childhood nostalgia. Where we advance into an adult world with a precarious balance. Until the tipping point, to the sound of clubs and ambulance sirens. Distress, excesses and excesses, wounds inflicted by others as well as on oneself.

Proud, bold and unvarnished: Marguerite Thiam uses the words of a generation which, like Billie Eilish or Labrinth, explores these vague zones where danger comes from what attracts, where joy can lead to the worst. Almost whispered words, like secrets so heavy that they can only be said in a whisper. But sculpted to fit a bass, a pulsation that leads to trance.

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