abortion is synonymous with “mercy”

From Catwoman in “The Dark Knight” and Andy in “The Devil Wears Prada” … to a supporter of abortion. The actress is in the crosshairs of controversy

L’abortion is to be considered “synonymous with mercy “ and should be addressed without all the controversy that triggers in the US every time a debate on the termination of pregnancy is opened: the words of the Hollywood star are being discussed in America Anne Hathaway, the Catwoman of the “dark Knight“By Nolan, as well as Andy in”The devil wears Prada“(The Subsidiary, 7 November).

Anne Hathaway’s intervention on TV

Award-winning actress and longtime abortion rights advocate Anne Hathaway spoke on Tuesday’s episode of the show “The View “ on the American broadcaster ABC, recounting her personal experience with abortion. Previously she had also talked about it on his he account Instagramon the occasion of the sixteenth anniversary of his film “The devil wears Prada”.

“The devil wears Prada” and abortion

“Looking back at the photos from this beloved film that shaped the lives and careers of so many people, including mine, I was struck by the fact that the young female protagonists in this film have built their lives and careers in one country. who honored their right to have a choice over their reproductive health “, wrote Anne Hathaway on 30 June 2022 in instagramalluding to the right to abortion.

“I always think about it. I think we all reflect on it all the time – she added – and what its implications are and what it means to live in a country that puts us back in this position. And so if I were to play that role nowadays, I couldn’t take it for granted. I couldn’t take that freedom, the freedom of choice, for granted. “


You are human with the “flexibility”

The actress has increased the dose on TV, emphasizing once again the importance of always having one’s “reproductive destiny” under control. “There is not enough talk of abortion. Following my personal experience, abortion may be another word for mercy, ”noted Anne Hathaway (aciprensa, November 5th).

Then he summed up his thinking this way: “When you allow choice, you allow flexibility, which is what we need to be human.”


“Repugnant and delusional”

On his Twitter account, the celebrated pro-life activist Lila Rose he found “repugnant and delusional” the idea that “one has to kill a child to ‘be human'”. “The obsession of our celebrities with abortion on demand – she concluded – is the worst, the cruellest excess of authorized selfishness”.

Senadora pró-abortion Catherine Cortez Masto

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