About that time Tarantino presented ‘Le Iene’ in Italy

Perhaps not everyone knows that the first full room seen by Quentin Tarantino at the screening of one of his films was in Italy, precisely in Viareggio, at the Noir in Festival, on June 20, 1992.

Tarantino is then 29 years old, still unknown and only a few weeks earlier he was in Cannes to present his first work in front of a few insiders: Reservoir Dogs, Hyenas.

He arrives in Versilia at the invitation of the director of the Festival Giorgio Gosetti and is very excited: he spends his days in the halls of the Festival, comments aloud on all the films and kneels in adoration in front of his favorite directors like a harassing and overly enthusiastic fan.

Michele Boroni in 2009 wrote a short story online The Fool – A true story dedicated to the surprise of discovering that the big American boy dressed in musical-themed Bermuda shorts, sneakers and t-shirt who was roaring in the room was none other than the director of that unforgettable cinematic masterpiece.

Once upon a time in Viareggio is a documentary born from the collaboration of the director Davide Rapp and the author Michele Boroni and is a choral and passionate story of those who met him in that Viareggio summer, full of anecdotes and personal stories with Italy in the early 90s in act as a background.

After thirty years, on Sunday 4 December during the Noir In Festival in Milan, a 40-minute preview of Once upon a time in Viareggio to be followed by the 4k version of Hyenas. Free admission.

The other appointments of the Noir In Festival:
– The opening on Saturday 3 December with silent night by Camille Griffin with Keira Knightley and Lily-Rose Depp (at 19.00 Eliseo cinema), which sees a group of friends gathered for Christmas as in the most classic of English comedies while something dark is happening outside, followed by the preview of Prophets the new film by Alessio Cremonini with Jasmine Trinca (at 9.00 pm at the Eliseo cinema), to be released by Lucky Red at the end of January.
– The preview of My name is Alfred Hitchcock by Mark Cousins ​​(December 7)
– Closing on December 8 with Decision to Leave by Park-Chan Wook
– The Chandler prize to Harlan Coben (December 5th at 7.00pm).

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