ABS warning light, watch out for the red exclamation point: if it comes on, it’s trouble

Be careful when the red light turns on with the ABS light, if you stop them immediately you risk irreparable damage to your car.

Red exclamation mark abs warning light –

There ABS function is one of the most important on your machine, and it is mandatory have it for law from the 2004. His function is that of help the braking action of the car, when we are about to face a lot abrupt. This it helps us in to check the car, without risking to brake suddenlywhere you risk aaccident. It happens sometimes, that the ABS warning light it turns on reporting a problemthere you have to do Attention. The meaning of him, with the red exclamation markis to report a big issue in the car.

The ABS warning light comes on for several reasons

THE reasons so this spy could turn onthey are not all serious problems. A problem is that of a sensor malfunctionwhere maybe there is a defectand would trigger the signal light of problem. Here the problem is minimum Well yes will solve in a short time. It happens sometimes that gods fuses do burnhere the situation is a little more dangeroussince the car does not respond correctly to our commandsand we are called to raise attention a lot.

ABS on the car
Here we see the ABS system found on the wheel – Motori.news

It happens sometimes that you have the cable that connects the ABS to the wheel that is brokenand then fails to work because it is disconnected. Captain problems also in the area closest to the wheelsince the magnet and the ring can also damage. Here the signal is activated, and this happens when it reports wheel damage or dirty. The more serious problem is when yes they have internal system problemsthat is to say damage to the control unit. Here there is no more communicationand commands stop responding.

The ABS light is yellow but watch out for a red one

There ABS warning light is always yellowthat is, it is a malfunction that it does not involve the immediate shutdown of the vehicle, it is not a serious problem for the medium. We can keep traveling with this failure, but up to the first workshop, or at most a little further away if there is the one of trust. The car, however, still needs to be done to checkbecause as we have seen there are gods problemsbut the car operation is not compromisedit’s just theABS that doesn’t work.

Car problem
When this warning light comes on, it means that your car must be stopped immediately and you risk a lot – Motori.news

Caution though, why when close to the ABS yellow light that comes on red with question markthe car goes stop immediately. You must stop at the first lay-by, e call immediately your mechanic or the closest one. The risk is that there is a very serious problemwhich could lead to avery serious damage on the car. There itself you will take the thing to lighttake risks not only that a wrecker comes to take your carbut that the car yes break irreparably.

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