Abu Dhabi Grand Prix: Hamilton finished the 2019 season with a win!


Mercedes Hamilton Lewis Hamilton wins the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the 21st and final race of the 2019 Formula 1 season.

Lewis Hamilton, who started the race from the pole position, managed to keep his position at the start and then saw the checkered flag in the first place with smooth pit stops and ended the 2019 Formula 1 season with a win.

Hamilton was able to take pole position on a great tour yesterday and showed superior performance in the race.

The British pilot, following a single pit stop strategy, managed to gain a comfortable win by keeping control both before and after the pit stop.

Hamilton was able to win this year’s 11th and 84th Formula One victories this year. With this result, Michael Schumacher had only seven wins to win.

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen couldn’t help but pass Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc in the first lap. However, Verstappen spent a long first episode and followed a single pit stop strategy. On the other side, Charles Leclerc opted for a double pit stop strategy.

After his first pit stop, Verstappen crossed Leclerc on the track and saw the checkered flag in second place to finish the season on the podium.

With this result, Verstappen finished third in the pilots’ championship, making it the first three in his career.

Although Leclerc came in second in the first round, Ferrari generally failed to manage the tires as well as Mercedes and Red Bull. Unlike the front pair, the Monaco driver made a double pit stop and lost the win.

In the last episode, despite the pressure of Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas, Leclerc stayed ahead and saw the checkered flag in third place and ended the season with a podium.

With this result, Leclerc finished fourth in the 2019 Formula 1 season in front of his teammate Sebastian Vettel.

Bottas managed to make a great rise in the race he started from the last row and rose to the top five in the final episode.

The Finnish pilot, who started to close the gap with Leclerc, could not get close enough to his opponent in the last laps and finished fourth.

Sebastian Vettel retreated to sixth place in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, where he competed with a double pit stop strategy. However, two laps to go, Red Bull driver Alex Albon passed the fifth place.

Seeing the checkered flag in fifth place, Vettel finished the 2019 season in fifth place behind his teammate Leclerc. Thus, for the first time after Daniel Ricciardo in 2014, his team-mate was passed.

Red Bull driver Alex Albon finished fifth in the final laps, but failed to keep Vettel behind with the new tires and finished sixth.

Racing Point driver Sergio Perez was one of the stars of the race. After a long first division, Perez managed to outrun the opponents one by one in the final, and in the final round, Lando Norris finished seventh.

Norris tried to keep his position with McLaren until the final round, but he couldn’t escape Perez and came in eighth.

Toro Rosso driver Daniil Kvyat finished ninth with a single pit stop strategy, while McLaren driver Carlos Sainz Jr. finished the season with points.

With this result, Sainz finished the 2019 season in sixth place and achieved significant success.

Renault pilots could not escape the final part of the race where they fought points. Daniel Ricciardo finished 11th and Nico Hulkenberg finished 12th in the final Formula 1 race.

On the other hand, Alfa Romeo’s Kimi Raikkonen is 13th, while Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean finished in the top 15. Antonio Giovinazzi was only 16th, while George Russell was 17th and Pierre Gasly was 18th in contact with Racing Point drivers in the first round.

Although Robert Kubica had a good first episode, he had contact with Giovinazzi and the vehicle was damaged. As a result, he saw the checkered flag last.

Lance Stroll was the only one who couldn’t finish in the race.


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