Abu Mazen attacks Israel: “Apartheid regime” – World

The president of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) Abu Mazenspeaking to the UN General Assembly, accused Israel of targeting “our sacred sites, Muslim and Christian”. “I am an Apartheid regimeand they are doing this to our people in front of the international community, “he added.

“It is clear that Israel has decided not to be our partner in the peace process and it is continuing to destroy the two-state solution. He does not believe in peace but wants to impose the status quo by force “, Abu Mazen continued.” We no longer have an Israeli partner with whom Israel has chosen, not us “, he added, after yesterday Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid had said in the same chamber that he was in favor of the two-state solution.

The representative of Israel left the General Assembly hall UN at one point in the speech, leaving the bench of his country empty.

the Palestinian leader went on to accuse an Israeli sniper of having deliberately killed Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh.

TObu Mazen also accused the United Nations of preventing Israel from being held responsible “for the massacres it committed”. “We will go to the International Criminal Court, we are the only ones on this planet living under occupation,” she continued. “Who protects Israel from being held accountable? The UN, and in particular the most powerful at the UN. Why is there this double standard when it comes to Israel?”