Abused for years in the home of underage daughters. “The victims now resigned to suffering violence”

The policemen of the Como Mobile squad carried out a precautionary measure of removal from the family home, a ban on approaching and a ban on communication against a 40-year-old, originally from Central America, held responsible for continued sexual violence against his underage daughters. The provision was issued as a result of “in-depth investigations” started after the report by people close to the family.

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The victims, heard by expert investigators, “managed to find the strength and courage to describe the terrible details of the abuses they suffered; one of the two daughters, in particular, was abused regularly for years by the father inside the house, when the mother was unaware of everything. The victim was now resigned and suffered impassive every time. On one occasion, the parent allegedly also abused the second daughter who had subsequently succeeded in distracting him from further incestuous attentions “explain the investigators. Soon after learning what had happened, her mother, taking her daughters with her, left the family home.

On the basis of the «probative findings and the precise findings that emerged during the investigations», the investigating judge of the Como court adopted the precautionary measure. The order was carried out on the morning of last Wednesday, and this morning the man was subjected to questioning by the judge.

Last updated: Friday 5 August 2022, 20:41


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