AC Milan perform well, win and rampage in Serie A

by Oscar Sandoval

Olivier Giroud and Christian Pulisic start the season ‘hot’

Milan beat Olivier Giroud and Turin 4-1 to extend their second consecutive Serie A win. Christian Pulisic They were happy with themselves and the ‘Rossoneri’ team temporarily took the top spot in the standings.

Milan have a trident that will take time to show on the pitch, and dynamite in a red and black attack that includes Rafael Leo, Pulisic and Giroud, who exploded against Torino. All Americans scoring one goal in a game that started with the North’s second after 33 minutes.

Torino equalized three minutes later, but the home side closed the game in stoppage time with goals from Giroud and Theo Hernández near the end of the first half. The French striker again scored 65 goals, his second of the night and his third of the season. penalty.

Milan followed the game’s protocol and extended the impeccable pace of the ‘Rossoneri’ side, who looked good at the start of the season, to two games and two wins.

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