AC Milan’s ambitious renewal plan

Last season, they barely managed to defend the Scudetto against a brilliant Napoli and, as we all know, were left at the doorstep of the Champions League final. therefore, ac milan They sought to guide the market this summer in a way that struck a balance between continuing to clean up the account and preserving Stefano Pioli’s competitive structure.

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After a strong start to the season sportingly with three wins in Serie A, the San Siro team are now beginning to renovate and make long-term plans.account tutto sport The club is aware that it will take a huge effort to keep the two French players. Theo Hernandez and mike meignanThis is because both have high salaries even though they have contracts until 2026.

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some open fronts

Meanwhile, the situation with Olivier Giroud, Simon Kjær, Luka Jovic and Antonio Mirante, two players whose contracts end in 2024, will need to be resolved immediately. Players have different characteristics, their roles in the team are different, and their future depends primarily on their immediate performance.

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Davide Calabria and Rade Krunic’s contracts are set to expire in 2025, and future developments will be a focus of attention. And finally, Lombardy’s German central defender Marik Thiau is also a sought-after player, although he is under contract until 2027 and will also need attention from the San Siro team. right.

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