Accident at work in Rivoli, scaffolding collapses: workers involved

Dramatic accident at work this morning – Wednesday 5 October – in Rivoli. Around 10 in the morning in viale Carrù, at street number 6, he gave up a scaffolding on which there were two workers and a surveyor. The three people are all injured, including one serious. As a precaution, the nursery school near the building was evacuated.

The building on which the scaffolding is mounted is six floors high and most likely the workers were at the height of the top floor. From what is known, work was being carried out on the 110% bonus, and the cowling of the roof was being completed. The causes of the collapse are being investigated. The works are obviously suspended. On site the mayor of Rivoli, Andrea Tragaioli, the local police and the fire brigade.

Two of the injured workers were transported to the Rivoli and Orbassano hospital, while the third was transported to the Turin CTO. The two workers are one from 1984 and one from 1974, while the surveyor is from 1973. It would be an Italian citizen, an Egyptian citizen and a Tunisian citizen. The worker admitted to the San Luigi is on a confidential prognosis and would be in very serious condition.

“On the question of safety of construction sites, we need to put a magnifying glass”, said the mayor of Rivoli Tragaioli, “The various bonuses have increased the presence of scaffolding. Sorry to learn of situations of this type”.

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