Accident in Rezzato: 4-year-old child hit in via De Gasperi

He was walking on the sidewalk with his mother, in the direction of the town center, when he suddenly got out of his control and ran into traffic, crossing the street in a hurry. Just in those moments a small SUV arrived, which hit him.

Fortunately, the car was not moving at high speed, but the man behind the wheel was unable to do anything to avoid hitting the 4-year-old child who, after the collision with the SUV, fell on the asphalt. The little one was hospitalized in code red at the Civil Hospital of Brescia: he allegedly suffered a bad fracture of the femur and will undergo a surgical operation, but he is not in danger of life.

The accident occurred on Monday afternoon, along via Alcide De Gasperi in Rezzato. The call to 112 went off at 6pm and an ambulance rushed to the scene, as well as a local police patrol. A lot of fear and a strong shock for mother and child, both at home in the hinterland country, but luckily the little one never lost consciousness and did not hit his head in the ruinous fall.

The driver, a 57-year-old man, was among the first to help, along with the child’s mother. To the agents of the Local he would have told that he saw the baby suddenly emerge and that he could not do anything to avoid it. As usual, he was subjected to legal checks, resulting negative for the breathalyser.

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