Accident in Riccione, the dark points and the words of the mother of Giulia and Alessia Pisanu-

from Alessandro Fulloni, sent to Castenaso

The woman returned from Romania. The father: “I didn’t want them to go to the disco, then I gave in.” The funeral is open to all

“I didn’t want them to go to the disco on Saturday night. But they insisted, insisted … They took me for exhaustion. And in the end I gave in, I said yes … ». These are the words that Vittorio Pisanu, the father of Giulia and Alessia, the two sisters aged 16 and 14 overwhelmed and killed on Sunday morning by a Frecciarossa on platform 1 of the Riccione station, confided to one of his dearest friends who went yesterday to hug him at home, in his villa in Castenaso, 10 minutes from Bologna. Before getting into the car and leaving with his wife, this very friend – in his sixties, eyes red from tears – exchanges a few brief words with the journalists who stop outside the gate. «Vittorio is a destroyed man, he cannot rest – he says -. He only said that on Saturday evening he was feeling very tired … Perhaps this is also why the girls managed to convince him ». The father, however, would have set a mandatory condition: «Giulia, Alessia, I’ll come to pick you up in Riccione. And there is no question about this ».

Unfortunately it went differently, as the agents of the Emilia-Romagna Polfer have reconstructed. It is Alessia, around six in the morning, who telephones her parent (originally from Senorbì, South Sardinia, where he had been on vacation with her daughters in June). The second child uses the cell phone of a twenty-four-year-old she met just outside the Peter Pan, one of the most famous nightclubs on the Riviera, and who gives the two sisters a lift to the station. Vittorio sees the number he doesn’t have in memory and is worried. But his daughter reassured him immediately: “Quiet dad. My cell phone is empty, it was stolen from Giulia. It’s okay, we’re going to the station and going home“. Click. Then there is the train that overwhelms Giulia and Alessia. The train drivers see the girls between the rails. They brake, they flash, they sound the siren. The scene lasts 12 seconds, devastating. The sixteen-year-old remains there in the middle, someone testifies to having seen her look at the Frecciarossa that comes at her, others that she is facing the other side of her. Meanwhile, Alessia has also gone down the tracks, perhaps to warn her sister of her danger, perhaps she understands that it is too late and she tries to go back without the boots that she took off just before her, who knows why her.

“So many questions that will remain unanswered. They were two very responsible girls, I don’t knowThis tragedy says the sisters’ mother, Tatiana, crying, Romanian, separated from Vittorio for about a year, and returned yesterday morning, together with her mother, from Bacau, after taking the first available flight. The woman, who speaks through the mouth of the mayor Carlo Gubellini, said she was devastated by “immense pain”. Then, before leaving, she adds: “I believe that words cannot describe what I feel inside my heart“. Meanwhile, the mayor, “by the will of the family”, has ordered that the funeral ceremony be open. «Vittorio and Tatiana care, they know well how much Giulia and Alessia were well liked, they know well that the whole of Castenaso is astonished, dismayed and in tears for their loss». The date of the funeral has yet to be established: “I am in contact with the Public Prosecutor: when they return the bodies we will fix the day as soon as possible”.

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