Accident on the set of Fast and Furious 10 in Turin, stuntwomen injured during filming

Crystal Hooks, a young professional who worked on the Turin set of the film as a stuntwomen, was hit in the legs by a bar during a scene where she was pushing a bike. Immediately after the blow, the young woman fell to the ground. Her condition is such that she has required an ambulance to be rescued on the spot. As La Stampa reports, she has various bruises and a broken femur

Crystal Hooks, a stuntwomen who was working on the film set Fast and Furious 10 in Turin, she was the victim of an accident: the girl was hit in the legs by a bar during a scene in which she was pushing a bicycle. Right after the shot, the professional fell to the ground.

His condition is such that he has required an ambulance to intervene on the spot. As reported The printhas various bruises and a broken femur.

The bar hit the stuntwoman allegedly following the (planned) explosion of a car. Apparently the bar is a piece of the exploded car.

It was the last scene of the Turin shoot


Fast and Furious 10, spectacular shooting in Turin. PHOTO AND VIDEO

The offending scene was the last of the scheduled shootings in the city of Turin: it was the final clapperboard, in the Largo IV Marzo area.
After two intense weeks of filming in the Piedmontese capital, the troupe and the production of the tenth act of Fast and Furious they were ready to leave with serenity, however this incident marred everything.

The takes in Turin were hit first in Borgo Crimea, then at the Gran Madre, in via Roma and piazza CLN, to later move to via Donati and via Papacino. The last scene, shot on 6 June behind the Turin town hall in Largo IV Marzo, should have brought the shooting to a successful conclusion, with the spectacular explosion of a car that would have hit the motorcycle driven by Michelle Rodriguez.

In reality, that bike was driven in a scene already recorded by the stunt double of the leading actress, who is the stuntman Crystal Hooks who was injured yesterday.

Filming of the film in Italy


Fast and Furious 10, shooting begins in Turin

After the takes in Rome, the filming of the tenth chapter of the action saga moved to Turin. Here for two weeks the troupe has been busy working on truly spectacular scenes, as the Instagram account of la Repubblica Torino and the Twitter profile of ANSA have amply demonstrated, posting several images coming directly from the set of Fast and Furious 10.

In addition to the profiles of newspapers and news agencies, many users of social networks also shared various images and videos of the production starring Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez, flanked by Jason Momoa, Brie Larson, Charlize Theron, Alan Ritchson, Scott Eastwood and Rita Moreno.

The scenes turned out to be spectacular but also very dangerous, according to this incident which unfortunately ended the Piedmontese take very badly. Fortunately, the tragedy was averted, in the sense that Crystal Hooks suffered injuries, fractures and bruises but apparently is not life threatening.

You can see the video of the moment when the stuntman Crystal Hooks is hit at this link.

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