According to Bob Iger, the Avengers Will Return to the Future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

As we know, the next and closer future of Marvel Cinematic Universe will continue to expand the cinematic narrative universe with many new films and several television series developed for Disney +, starting from Black Widow to the Eternals and up to Moon Knight and WandaVision, but in addition to this, there is more.

After the heartbreaking and important events of Avengers: Endgame , where we witnessed the tragic and heroic sacrifice of Iron Man ( Robert Downey Jr. ), the passing of the Captain America Shield ( Chris Evans ) and the death of Black Widow ( Scarlett Johansson), the future of the supergroup in defense of the Earth (and space) has appeared a little uncertain, so far, but in a recent interview the CEO of Walt Disney Pictures, Bob Iger, made it clear that the Avengers will continue to be part of the future of MCU.

These are his words: “In relation to the Marvel Universe, all that is coming we call internally the post-Avengers world, but this does not mean that films will no longer be made on the characters of the Avengers. Now we have Black Widow coming out, then Thor: Love and Thunder in the works and I can still continue “.

This means that in the future it is possible to see even more titles designed to deepen these characters, which after 2022 could even return to gather forces in a new supergroup, in the New Avengers, although there is still nothing declared or official about it.

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