According to experts, this detail in your interior has a significant influence on your well-being

Do you also, when you feel depressed or demotivated, do you start to tidy up? Strangely, this activity has a beneficial effect on me that relaxes me, I cannot say how or why. Well, know that researchers have shown that tidying up would have immediate benefits on our mental health.

Why tidying up makes us feel better?

Indeed, according to Anaïs Le Brun-Berrya psychologist interviewed by the magazine Cosmopolitan, the physical space is the reflection of our mental space. No wonder in this light that a messy room puts our nerves in a ball. Our mental health is reflected by the living space and if it is not ordered, it will be felt on our state of mind. If your living space is tidy, you will feel good about yourself. The psychologist advises to “Tidy up to focus on yourself and take care of yourself”. Tidying up your living space also clears things up in your head : your mind is freed from a weight. If you work from home, you may have noticed that it’s easier to do it in a well-organized place? It is because your mind is clear and ready for its task.

Storage brings serenity and a sense of control

According to Dr. Le Brun-Berry, tidying up provides a feeling of pride, but also a feeling of control on his (…)

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