According to experts, this is the number of times you fall in love in a lifetime

During a lifetime, we meet many people with whom we weave more or less intimate relationships. Sometimes, we feel intense feelings that can be akin to love. But in reality, according to experts, we only fall in love three times! This is what a coach specializing in human relations, Kate Rose, asserts in an article published in 2016 for the Elephant Diary. And it is not the only one to give this conclusion. A study conducted by the diamond dealer Vashi among more than 3,000 British men and women shows that a person gets into a relationship about 5 times but only encounters three different loves: idealistic love, destructive love and romantic love. which lasts.

The different ways to fall in love

We all remember our first love story. This feeling that we discover when we are a teenager and that we often tend to idealize. This first love is like a fairy tale: we are convinced that it will last a lifetime, with a marriage, children and a beautiful house by the sea as the key. With a little carelessness and naivety, we think we live a relationship similar to the films and books that rocked our youth. But very quickly, this idealistic love turns into first heartbreak. A disillusion that puts us lower than the ground. Until we meet our next love. This second love is actually a bandage. A way to forget (…)

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