According to personal trainers, triceps exercises can make your arms grow quickly and effectively

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  • You no doubt already know this, but the largest muscle in your arm is not the biceps, it is the triceps, which has three heads that you must work equally. So if you don’t attack this muscle correctly, you’ll never have big, strong arms. “They make up two-thirds of your arm’s muscle mass,” says Men’s Health contributor BJ Gaddour, “and your triceps can make your arms look really big.” Plus, they’re important when performing other exercises like the bench press. Also a great help.

    In our arm training, we always prioritize barbell and dumbbell exercises and leave pulleys last. Today, personal trainer and fitness influencer Jeff Cavaliere (Athlean-X on social networks) tells us which muscles work best.

    Jeff Cavaliere is a personal trainer known as Athlean-X. In addition to being a personal trainer, he is also a contributor to Men’s Health USA, a physical therapist, and the founder of the “AX1” and “XERO” weight programs.

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    According to personal trainers, triceps exercises can make your arms grow quickly and effectively

    According to Jeff Cavaliere, the best triceps exercise to tone your arms quickly and effectively is the PJR Pullover. “This exercise is very effective at focusing on the long heads of your triceps because you stretch them by placing your arms behind your head and maximize the activation of their muscle fibers. Plus, it allows you to carry more extra kilograms because it’s an aid to exercise,” explains Jeff Cavalier.

    “To do this move, you have to lean your back on the bench with your feet on the floor, then hold the dumbbells in both hands and raise your arms to face height. Then you simply lift the dumbbells so they are behind your head position and always return in a controlled manner”.

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    Roberto Cabezas is an expert in fitness, CrossFit, bodybuilding, training materials, nutrition and sports supplements at Men’s Health in Spain. I graduated in Journalism from the School of Information Sciences in Madrid and have always loved sports. I play football, practice karate, tennis and now I am passionate about paddle tennis and training in the gym. I firmly believe that healthy living, a good diet and daily exercise are essential for both physical and mental health. I encourage you to combat stress through daily exercise and fitness training.

    One of my hobbies is food shopping because I love eating, especially meat, but also fruits and healthy desserts. I don’t miss my daily protein shake and recommend trying peanut butter and banana, one of the many suggestions you can find in my nutrition content where I write and discuss topics like creatine, protein whey, and others .

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