according to this new trend, we would have applied our make-up in the wrong order years ago!

For years, we’ve applied our makeup the way we’ve been taught: base (or not, but that’s another debate), foundation, concealer, bronzer or sculptor, blush and highlighter. But according to TikTok makeup experts, this organization would not be the best. If we are to believe some make-up addicts, using the order mentioned above would be the guarantee of having make-up that is sorely lacking in naturalness, which will quickly become “muddy” or even lack nuance and lightness in the gradients. This is why these specialists refer to “theunderpainting“, a make-up technique not so new but which is currently back in vogue on TikTok.

Underpainting: change the order of product application for a natural look

If we believe the make-up addicts of TikTok, you should no longer apply your foundation just after your base. No ! According to the precepts of the underpainting, you should apply your base (ok, that’s good), then your correction and color products, in other words: concealer, contouring, blush… dyed. Yes, yes: above all the rest!

@hanstluce Had to try this. I quite like it but i also do love my usual makeup routine ✨💙 #underpainting #underpaintingmakeup #makeuptutorial #makeuptransformation ♬ original sound – bradflms

Proof in pictures, the thing is quite feasible, even if there are some details to respect. (…)

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