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Macron returns to Vaucluse to launch his reform of professional high schools

Emmanuel Macron returns to school on Friday in Orange, in the Vaucluse, with the focus on the reform of professional high schools, between allowances for trainee students and rapprochement with the business world. The president arrived shortly after 11:30 a.m. at the high school de l’Argensol, in Orange, with the new Minister of Education Gabriel Attal and the Minister Delegate for Vocational Education, Carole Grandjean. The Head of State, always very present on education issues, must take stock of the launch of the reform of professional high schools that he himself presented in May in Saintes (Charente-Maritime). This reform aims to transform establishments often synonymous with academic failure and inequalities in the sector of excellence through better promotion of training and an increase in the remuneration of teachers. At Orange station, around a hundred demonstrators gathered at the end of the morning, at the call of the CGT Vaucluse, to reiterate their opposition to the pension reform, on the day of its entry into force, and demand measures in favor of purchasing power. Orano Tricastin union (uranium enrichment), radiation protection technician. “They lack recognition, are not supported by their hierarchy, are very worried about the changing climate in high schools,” he adds. “I want to show the president that we are maintaining the pressure” on the reform. pensions, abounds François Sandoz, 41, director of the Ressourcerie du Pays d’Arles. “To come today to a far-right city is a strong symbol. We can clearly see that there is more and more a tacit alliance between the RN, the LRs and the macronists”, he still believes, citing the recent decision of the Minister of Education to ban abayas. Standing in the middle of a body shop and automobile mechanics, the Head of State was introduced to the establishment on the pre-return day for teachers, before discussing with them as well as local business leaders who hire young people from this high school. The return of students will take place on Monday and should give rise to another presidential trip the week next.The president will also address all the heads of professional high schools during a webinar at the start of the afternoon. A third of French high school students, or approximately 621,000 students, are educated in high school professional. The Lycée de l’Argensol, located in the fifth poorest department in France and in historic land of the far right, is representative of the sector with students often in academic and social difficulty. – Indemnities – This establishment specializing in the CAP and bac pro automobiles has “already taken over a certain number of reform tools”, notes the Elysée. This notably provides for an overhaul of the training map, depending on professional opportunities in the employment areas, with the stated objective of achieving 100% professional integration, against 40% currently. The Lycée de l’Argensol is thus considering developing its offer teaching towards the nuclear sector, which is booming, in order to meet the needs of the Tricastin power plant. more attractive courses and to “better recognize the commitment” of teachers, underlines the Elysée.  From the start of the school year, young people from professional high schools will receive an allowance during their internships in companies, up to 50 to 100 euros per week, paid by the State. A student in the bac pro will thus accumulate 2,100 euros for his entire course. The teachers of these high schools will also see their salary increase from September 125 to 250 euros net per month depending on their seniority, including the increase in the point of hint. Increases which could reach up to 660 to 780 euros net per month if they accept additional missions (optional courses, in small groups, etc.) A business office has also already been set up in all high schools. professionals in order to support students in their search for internships and to make the link with employers.vl-hv/jmt/gvy

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