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No, you’re not dreaming. There is indeed a mathematical calculation to know if you are “scientifically beautiful”, according to an expert. Explanations.

Of course, beauty is subjective. But yet, you will be amazed to learn that it is possible to know if one is “scientifically beautiful”. Indeed, the cosmetic surgeon Julian Da Silva uses a mathematical formula each year to list celebrities “the most beautiful according to science”. And no, it’s not a joke! If you also want to calculate the beauty of your face, here is the procedure to follow.

According to the specialist, the mathematical formulation is based on a single and unique criterion: the golden ratio. The latter is equivalent to the number 1.6180339 and determines the perfect harmony between the parts and the whole. To assess your beauty, all you have to do is measure a few areas of your face, compare them to each other and then link them to this famous golden number. This mathematical formula would define the symmetry and proportions of an ideal beauty.

Explanation: if your mouth measures 1.6180339 times the width of your nose, the bridge of your nose measures 1.6180339 times the base of your nose, your central incisor measures 1.6180339 times the length of your lateral incisor or your pupils measure 1.6180339 times the distance between your eyebrows, then we can say that you are “scientifically beautiful”. What luck !

These celebrities voted “the most beautiful according to science”

Every year, British surgeon Julian Da Silva unveils his long-awaited list of the hottest celebrities. “most beautiful according to science”. While Bella Hadid was at the top of the podium in 2022 with 94.35% of the criteria ” scientists “, this year, it leaves the first place to the actress Jodie Comer who has a ratio of 94.24%. In second place, we find the beautiful Zendaya with a result of 94.37%. Bella Hadid is in third place with 95.35%, just ahead of Beyoncé with 92.44% harmony on her face.

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