Ace, Carabinieri commander killed: motive discovered

Antonio Milia had been suspended in conjunction with the arrival at Ace of Doriano Furceri, in February 2022: they had been the leaders of the Como Company and issued the provision after some alarming behavior of the brigadier. A suicidal tendency of the military had emerged, apparently due to a crisis in relations with his wife. And that was exactly why his service pistol had been removed. Weapon that had been returned to him a few weeks ago, when Milia got the green light for reinstatement by the medical commission of Milan, without any limitation. Doriano Forceri was not of the same opinion, who still did not consider him in such a condition as to be able to return to work, so he had forcibly put him on vacation. Hence, most likely, the friction and the discussion which resulted in murder yesterday afternoon.

Letizia Moratti: “Report requested on psychiatric assistance to killers” – In the meantime, the Lombardy Region is also moving following the two tragic events that have as their common denominator the psychic assistance of those who committed the crimes. “I express pain and bewilderment for the two victims, Luis Fernando Ruggieri and the lieutenant Doriano Furceri, and for all the wounded, together with the closeness to their families “, writes the vice president of the Lombardy Region in a note, Letizia Morattion the “two serious news events shocked Lombardy and the country, in Assago (where a man stabbed six people and killed one) and to Asso “. Moratti let it be known that” while waiting for the investigators to clarify the outlines of the two events, I immediately asked the General Welfare Directorate to prepare two reports on the incidents, with particular reference to psychiatric assistance and of the perpetrators of the crimes “.

Attilio Fontana: condolences in Lombardy for family commander killed – “Another sad and fatal news. The commander of the Carabinieri of the Asso barracks was found dead, shot and killed by a colleague. To his family and loved ones the condolences and the most heartfelt closeness of the Lombardy Region and of all Lombards “. This is the comment of the president of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontanaafter having learned the news of the death of the commander of the Carabinieri barracks in Asso.

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