Action and Explosions in Three New Terminator TV Commercials: Tim Miller’s Dark Destiny

The 20th Century Fox has released three new official TV spot for the highly anticipated Terminator: Dark Destiny produced by James Cameron and directed by Tim Miller ( Deadpool ), the new chapter of the franchise that will continue the story starting from the second film in the saga.

To see the three new commercials of the film, we refer you to the pages of

Terminator – Dark Destiny is set twenty-seven years after the destruction of Cyberdyne Systems. A Terminator called Rev 9 is sent from the future to kill the young Dani Ramos. Sarah Connor and an old T-800 will try to stop him.

The cast of the film sees the return of Linda Hamilton in the role that made her famous, that of Sarah Connor, played in the first two films of the franchise, Terminator in 1984 and Terminator 2 – Judgment Day, released in 1991. The actress has recently talked about the hard training to which she underwent to be able to return to dress as Sarah.

For Arnold Schwarzenegger this is yet another appearance in the franchise in the role of T-800; the last one dates back to the unfortunate Terminator: Genisys, released in theaters in 2015. The franchise also marks the return of James Cameron in the saga that saw him as director for the first film; now the clothes have changed and Cameron’s contribution is at the production level.

It promises to be the highest box-office debut ever for a film in the Terminator saga.

The release is scheduled for 31 October 2019.

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