action, drama and (some) clues in the new trailer for the DC cinecomic

In these hours a new official trailer in Italian of Shazam has arrived online! Fury of the Gods, the new adventure of the superhero played by Zachary Levi, in cinemas from 16 March.

In the chaos generated by the merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery, some projects managed to save themselves. Among these, films already completed and with a release date stand out above all. Shazam! Fury of the gods it will be then in theaters from 16 March – as expected – and is ready to give spectators emotions and action scenes, as can be seen from the spectacular new Italian trailer released in these hours.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods – The first advances on the plot contained in the trailer

The trailer opens with a scene that heralds the beginning of a “war” and the clash with some truly fearsome enemies. We then move on to a summary of what happened in recent years – the first chapter dates back to 2019 – and to a montage of spectacular action scenes, explosions, dramatic moments and fight scenes between Billy/Shazam and the deities who have come to Earth. According to some fans, in one frame the silhouette of Wonder Woman would also be seen – whose appearance in the cinecomic, moreover, has been rumored for some time now.

Shazam! Fury of the gods then continues to tell the story of Billy and his adopted brothers, able to transform into superheroes just by saying the word “Shazam!”. The unlikely team will in fact be forced back into action for fight the daughters of Atlas, decided to destroy the world with a very powerful weapon. Meanwhile, Billy will have to come to an agreement with the gods, who are angry with him for taking his powers for granted. As Shazam returns then Zachary Leviflanked by Asher Angel (Billy Batson) Jack Dylan Grazer (Freddy Freeman) ed Adam Brody (the “superhero” version of Freddy). To lend body and voice to daughters of Atlas, Hespera and Calypsoare respectively Helen Mirren And Lucy Liu. Then complete the cast Rachel Zegler – in his second feature film, after West Side Story by Steven Spielberg – in the mysterious role of Anthea, the third daughter of Atlas who will however decide to take the side of Billy and his brothers, in an attempt to protect the Earth from his sisters. According to some rumors, there will be great chemistry between Anthea and Freddy, which could lead to a relationship. The film could also sanction the return of Wonder Woman\Gal Gadot. In fact, the Israeli actress could appear for the last time as Diana Prince in the sequel to Shazam!, since the third chapter of “his” personal franchise is suspended. To find out if the dream of many fans will come true, all that remains is to wait for the March 16th.

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